Instagram is Real Life or Reel Life

The difference between a person's real-life and Instagram life is really scary.

image source: piximus

We are supposed to be worried, broken, depressed, and troubled in real life, but what we actually want to convey to other people is our self's happiness.

We need the courage to show our vulnerability to other people and always feel like our life is a great blessing.

When we look back into our lives, the past screams a lot in reality. We are afraid of showing our pain to someone because we feel that people may leave by showing our worst side.

Actually, we do not need to care about what others feel about our self. We must move on with our reality than the reels.

Feel proud about our flaws and scars because that makes us who we are today. The scars show us the fact of who stays or who leaves.

We always want to show everyone that how we are living our life completely. Sometimes the enjoyment is only a shadow for hiding our real personalities.

Show them we are broken, ruined, depressed, survived, and so on. In this way, we are showing someone to live their life courageously.

Instagram vs Reality

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